Migratory goes English

Hello guys. Long-time no see. I came to say I am going to transform this page. I guess you are noticing already as I changed the language. But first, let me start at the beginning. 

I believe in the Myers-Briggs personality test. I think it’s pretty accurate in fact. (If you are interested, visit http://www.16personalities.com and take the test). I got the INFP result. In other words, the dreamer. Oh man, it was like looking oneself in the mirror and finally figuring out what was on the other side. 

I’ve been struggling all my life with my massive interest in things. Like everything seemed so damn entertaining. Theoretical physics? Sure! Biology? Literature? Criminology? Bring it all! And I got so excited about various topics at the same time I would try to develop all of them. And that was exhausting and disappointing when it came the time to drop some of them as I couldn’t keep up. 

Ugh, this is getting hard…

Only a few topics accompanied me through adolescence and to adulthood: travelling and writing. I knew I wanted to live abroad since I was a kid, and I knew I kept creating stories in my head since I was a kid and never stopped. Writing in the paper was my favourite thing like I would become a notebook hoarder until today.

But I never took writing seriously. I thought only rich people or very talented writers were able to make a living out of writing. So I forgot about it for a while. For a long while. Even if I would create characters in my head on my commute or think about the writer life with desire or would envy new writers and wonder how they would feel. 

Then I moved to London. This huge dream I had had since I was 8 years old would come true. You can’t imagine what that did to my brain. And it was easy. Moving to London abroad. Leaving all my life behind was easier than I thought. In no time I felt like at home. This utopia had become a reality in months. What could I not do? Oh yes, moving to London skyrocketed my confidence. My confidence in me being capable of doing things I thought were out of reach, and doing them well. 

From Spain to the UK

So then I took a brand new look into writing. Yeah, it would be difficult. It would require focus. No more starting multiple projects or topics at the same time. And this takes us to the next step: Migratory Animal. 

This blog was meant to be a travel blog. And I do love to write about travelling. I just think I need this page to be more than that. I need it to be my companion on this trip. And of course I want to write about travelling, and I will. But I will also write about personality, dreams, cooking, videogames, life and story-telling

And why in English? Well, as I told you, I live in London now. English is everywhere around me, so it’s getting more and more natural for me to use this language. Also, I would love to meet fellow international aspiring writers on this journey. 

So, guys, I hope I didn’t bore you much, but I needed to explain to you why Migratory Animal is metamorphosing, from a travel blog into a journey itself. 

Please be my companion.