Starting Nanowrimo 2019

SO! On my last post, I told you about how I became determined to become a writer. And when I say writer, I mean having a job as a writer as I think everyone who writes is already a writer. 

So the first thing that came to my mind after that realization was: okay girl, what is your next step? I needed a goal to keep me on track. So what I thought was: writing a book, and getting serious again about my blog. The first one would teach me how to write fiction, which is the thing I’ve always dreamt, and the second would give me more writing skills in other areas. 

Let’s do this!

Then I found out about this great event that takes place every year in November: Nanowrimo. If you want to check it out, I am leaving here the link to their webpage.

The rules for this event are quite simple. You must write 50.000 words in one month. There is no actual prize (besides some discounts they offer from their sponsors) other than the gratification of having finished the first draft of your novel. 

Now I told you I kept imagining fantastic world and characters in my commute, so I did have an idea about what to write, but it was weird. When I start fantasizing about a novel, I usually begin for the crushes. So I imagine this super romantic couple in a fantastic and marvellous world. As soon as I add more and more detail to their circumstances, suddenly the romance becomes less important than the rest of the story. 

Yeah… no.

When I was younger, I would usually start writing without having an actual plan on how to end or develop the story. And often the resulting stories ended up being a disaster. Not this time. I start imagining the basic plot in my head, I have more or less an idea about the ending. Then, I find this Nanowrimo tool to help you prep your novel, called Nanoprep. It’s basically a manual with useful and straightforward steps on how to outline your book. It worked wonders on my weak idea of the story. 

Now, one week before the madness begins, I am ready to start writing. Actually right now, I am already starting to write my first chapter. And I am quite confident about the rest of what is going to be my first actual book. 

And as always, I would love to meet other writers who participate in this crazy event and want to chat, so if you are one of them or simply you are interested in it, feel welcome to comment here and let’s support each other 🙂