A weekend escape to Bath

Finally, I come to tell you about our weekend escape to the lovely town of Bath. So you will find Bath to the west of London, 3 hours by coach to be exact. And honestly, if you haven’t yet visited, you should. You will only need two days to get a good idea about the city and I promise it will be worth it.

We wake up reasonably early on a cold Saturday before 7 am. We get the coach in Victoria station and begin our journey to Bath, where we have booked a room for the night on Airbnb. I wanted to make the most of the ride reading my current book: The Vine Witch, which is being a great read if I must say, but instead, I begin listening to music and fantasising, and I can’t stop until we finally reach Bath. My INFP instincts, I guess. I start to get excited as soon as we see the roofs of the city from the window, it looks beautiful.

I must say the city centre is quite small so from the bus station we are in the core of the city in no time. More precisely, we find ourselves in front of the Cathedral. Free entry so we don’t lose time and get inside. It’s not astonishingly beautiful but being free makes it worth it.

We leave the Cathedral behind

From the viewpoint we took this picture, we see a fantastic view, totally recommended. Just above the river, we see a bridge in the background and some beautiful buildings. Overall, it doesn’t take long until we realise why Bath is such a visited town. On top of that, autumn gives a magical look to the city.

And besides, I who have a thing for fantastic, romantic and overall dramatic ideas, it does have this magical touch to it. I am mesmerised. It could perfectly be the scenario of one of my fantastical novels. We continue our journey towards the bridge, where a bunch of beautiful shops greet us, and why not, try to tempt us.

This is what I was talking about

What I would recommend is walk around the city. It’s not too big, and its architecture is its most significant treasure. It will take you by surprise every corner you turn. It seems calculated, perfectionist, so well preserved since the moment Jane Austen stepped into it.

Oh yes, our friend Jane lived here, and Bath is proud of it. We make a visit in the afternoon to the Jane Austen Centre, where fans will find a summary of the author’s life and work. Most enjoyable. A very funny guy will show you around the museum, explaining an introduction.

On Sunday we have tickets to visit the Roman Baths. What a marvellous visit. Not only is it interesting, but it’s also immensely entertaining, even for kids. Worth it, I would say it’s one of the highlights of the visit. At the end of the tour, you will have a chance to taste the famous Bath’s water, which tasted oddly like blood.

The architecture reminds me of French villages

It’s our last day, and we want to treat ourselves, so we head to have lunch to little Sally Lunn’s restaurant. It’s the oldest house in Bath, and it’s adorable on the inside. We eat each a huge stuffed loaf of bread with some tea that will keep us full until dinner.

We head back to the bus station and we prepare for our 3h and a half ride back home. I just hope this time I have the willpower to read a bit of my book.