About me


Hello there!

My name is Iris Quesada, and I wonder how I could start introducing myself. I created this place years ago because I wanted to share my trips and my tips with you. I started this page in Spanish, my mother tongue, always doubting about if writing it in English too, about speaking about other things besides travelling. All of that terrified me. All I wanted was to be read. To feel someone appreciated my work and found it useful and maybe even beautiful.

Migratory Animal then started as a travelling blog only in Spanish. I started this project thrilled, forcing myself to write every week about my trips. God, that was hard. I travel quite a lot, but I tortured myself thinking how could I maintain this place only explaining my trips. Travelling is a huge part of me, but I yearned to tell you about other things I love. Like writing, for example. Or cooking, or watching movies, Harry Potter. I don’t know, I was so much more than travelling, and I felt I was concealing that fantastic part of me.

In the end, what I wanted was to reach as many people as possible. And among those people, what I wanted was to find people similar to me. People who enjoyed repeating the House sorting test in Pottermore as much as possible, or watching The Lord of the Rings, who struggled with their goals as I do. Who wonder about how to take care of your mental health.

That’s why I decided, not long ago that this webpage would be reborn. In English and with as many topics as I want. Be welcome guys. I can’t wait to meet you.